Footage of the Dead End Holiday Demo alongside representation of physical delivery of the ROM on SD card.
Dead End Holiday Demo
"Ho ho ho!"
We present our fun little Holiday Demo based on Dead End, which is in turn based on events of Death Stranding.

Help Cliff... Santa find the presents for his beloved family, lost in Bridges Medical !
This demo is for Minicube64 and is a separate experience from the main Dead End game.
Game Development — mmxxıı

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Footage of the Access Tuner in action, alongside representation of physical delivery of the ROM on SD card.
Security Access Tuner
"What is wrong with this thing?
Work, damn you!"
Inspired by Alien Isolation, we remade this hacking minigame in Minicube64 to be as close to the original as possible but within the fantasy console's 64x64 pixel screen resolution.
The minigame includes multiple stages of randomised glyphs with increasing difficulty. It was made to learn the technical capabilities of MC64.
Game Development — mmxxıı

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Mars kinda sucks.
Ares Breathes
We designed this logo for the upcoming Ares Breathes, a survival horror game in development by Pyotr Romanov. The game takes place on Mars in a destroyed colony, controlling a bulky environment suit to explore and uncover the secrets of what happened.
The logo is intended to convey broken pieces that come together to form a whole, the repeating arcs evocative of breathing, and the passing of time as the sun rises on the red planet.
Art Direction / Graphic Design — mmxxııı

Plot vector to

Ares Breathes

Low-Fi — High-Fly
We were approached by Anticleric to produce this promotional artwork for the upcoming hard-scifi VR game project LOW-FI.
Intended to evoke a cyberpunk aesthetic, a new version of the game logo was designed and then deconstructed using visuals reminiscent of barcodes.
The graphics were designed to fit the size of a 3½-inch floppy disk label, which were printed onto disks and handed out at a developer convention.
Art Direction / Graphic Design — mmxxııı

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Soul of the Beast physical game box and cartridge alongside award trophy and Icelandic volcanic rock.
Soul of the Beast Wins Best 4K Port

At the 4th Atari Homebrew Awards we were incredibly honoured to receive the award for Best Homebrew < 4K (port) for our first published game Soul of the Beast.
Box cover art by Helvetica Blanc.
Beast logo by Rutherford Craze
Game Development — mmxxııı
Hosted by ZeroPage Homebrew, the annual award show celebrates the independent retro development scene that continues to make games for Atari systems to this day.
Our game for the Atari 26OO was a personal achievement developing a game for that system, and seeing how much gameplay and content could fit in a standard 4K cartridge, was a significant challenge.
We also received nominations for Best Graphics, and Best Music and Sound.
The game was made from the ground-up with no prior knowledge of developing for the system, or working with 6502 assembly.
In the end, the available ROM and memory capacity of the cartridge and the console itself was enough to meet our intentions, succeeding to fit 4 major game locations with non-linear exploration, many enemy types and gameplay systems to make this a worthwhile title for collectors, and new players alike.
Again we wish to thank James O'Brien of ZeroPage Homebrew, and the community that nominated our game.
To be recognised for this achievement is truly humbling.
The game has been published for NTSC Atari 26OO systems by AtariAge and has gone on to sell well, along with digital versions that people are able to play in emulators, or in browser directly in

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Atari AGE