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Support for Rendering °

Ramma is post production support software designed to take the pain out of finding problems when working with image sequences of animation or video.

Detect bad or missing frames in image and particle sequences. Easily.

MacOS / Windows / Linux

See bad frames at a glance. Supports all common formats.
Sequence auto-update. Detect "0-byte" / bad headers.
Scan nested folders.

5 day trial

€95 (2 seat license) Activation required.
Download only.

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Render problems can happen for many reasons, often due to hardware or software failure, or human error but hunting down these problems in sequences can be a nightmare.

This is why Ramma exists.

Whether they be missing or dropped frames, corrupted or even non-contiguous frames, Ramma quickly and automatically detects these common problems.

Intended for post production professionals—large facilities as well as smaller or indie shops—producing motion graphics, visual effects, colour grading or other video and animation work, working with Autodesk, Adobe, Foundry, Blackmagic Design, Maxon or any products that render to image sequences.

It is designed to be fast, smart, and simple, to find problems at a glance. To mitigate problems that arise before export and delivery, saving you time and grief.


Version 1.2.6, 21 November 2021

Developed by Jahan Addison & Michael Christophersson.
Designed by Michael Christophersson. 2016—2022