Dynamic Symmetry °
"Mark" — Combinable composition guides based on and inspired by principles of dynamic symmetry.
For composition, design, and analysis.
After Effects / Cavalry Pro
OpenFX for DaVinci Resolve Studio

Plugin Software

Demo includes 3 guides: Safe, Diagonals, and Thirds
18 unique combinable composition guides. Controls for scale, pan/tilt position offset and opacity. Available via the Edit, Color, and Fusion pages. Animatable. Cachable.
Unlock dynamic symmetry in your work !
Dynamic symmetry is a principle that has existed for centuries across many cultures, inspired by mathematical ratios, and harmonious geometric relationships observed in nature.
With Mvrk you can use these techniques in photography and design to perfect your own work.
These guide armatures help to define and compose your images in flowing, aesthetically pleasing, and narratively interesting ways.
Unlike other guides that can be found in video tools, Mvrk provides armatures that include diagonal lines such as baroque and sinister angles, and reciprocals.
Several commonly used guides are also included for convenience, such as the rule of thirds, or safe area.
16 of the dynamic symmetry guides to build your perfect composition.
Combine multiple composition guides with the transform tools to align photographic subjects or design elements.
Mvrk is super easy to use. Simply add the desired guide from the collection to get started.
In Resolve, each guide is rendered as an effect powered by OpenFX that can be controlled and animated. The guides are rendered in realtime on the GPU, and can be cached if necessary.
Mvrk for OpenFX is only supported on MacOS.
In more design capable tools such as After Effects and Cavalry, Mvrk operates a little differently. Guides are applied to the project as shapes that can be adjusted as needed.
Features for Resolve Studio
16 unique combinable guide forms
Controls for scale, position and opacity
Build custom guide armatures
Use and combine forms in the Color page
Creative options for guide colours
Combine forms as nodes in Fusion
Requires Resolve Studio for OpenFX plugin support.
Features for Cavalry Pro
Use and combine forms in the Color page
Control guide stroke colour and thickness
New guides fit to a selected object
Store °
Unlock the power of dynamic symmetry in your work, with Mvrk.
Mvrk for Cavalry 1.1.0

Mvrk for OpenFX 1.1.2 for DaVinci Resolve Studio and

‍Mvrk for Adobe After Effects 1.0.0

Designed by Michael Christophersson. 2016—2023

Developed by
Edwin Jakobs & Michael Christophersson.