New version now available for Adobe After Effects

Dynamic symmetry composition guides.

Beautiful Dynamic Symmetry °

"Mark" — A collection of 16 combinable composition guides based on and inspired by principles of dynamic symmetry for Resolve, After Effects and Cavalry.

For composition, design, and analysis.

Adobe After Effects / Cavalry 1.3 Pro /
OpenFX for DaVinci Resolve Studio / Assimilate SCRATCH/LIVE FX

16 unique combinable composition guides. Controls for scale, pan/tilt position offset and opacity. Available via the Edit, Color, and Fusion pages. Animatable. Cachable.

OpenFX for DaVinci Resolve Studio

Plugin software
also available
on aescripts

€13 — Download only.

Demo version includes 3 guide forms
Safe, Diagonals, and Thirds

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Features for Resolve Studio

16 unique combinable guide forms

Controls for scale, position and opacity

Build custom guide armatures

Use and combine forms in the Color page

Creative options for guide colours

Combine forms as nodes in Fusion

Features for Cavalry Pro

Quickly add guides to compositions

Control guide stroke colour and thickness

New guides fit to a selected object

Plugin Software

Mvrk for Adobe After Effects 1.1.0
Mvrk for Cavalry 1.1.0
Mvrk for OpenFX 1.1.2 for DaVinci Resolve Studio and Assimilate SCRATCH/LIVE FX

Developed by Edwin Jakobs & Michael Christophersson.
Designed by Michael Christophersson. 2016—2023