Screen VFX work made easier °

Faera is an app for screen replacement vfx with minimal design intrusion, for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

iOS / Android

Minimal screen, edge, and tap tracking markers. Common background colours. Unique scrolling markers. Easy to use.

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Faera is a simple and beautiful app for screen replacement vfx work. Providing elegant tools for typical device use cases on most acted scenes, with minimal design.

Primary markers can be set to be bright or dark, and large, small or hidden, depending on need.

Faera can be set to blue and green screen colours for typical chroma keying tasks.

A neutral grey is also available to assist with white balance.

In addition, a light grey for typical device luminance for overlay compositing, or black for 'off' appearance, allowing reflection preserved tracking with visible markers.

Edge markers provide visual feedback as to indicate the true top, bottom and mid point of the scrolling view.

Preferences are saved on 'Apply', automatically loaded on app start and can be reset to defaults at any time.

Faera is designed to have minimal design feedback in order to reduce any necessary paint work in compositing.

Version 1.0.6

Designed and Developed by Michael Christophersson.