"Without you, I was just like any other cliff.
A dead end. No way forward."
Dead End is the first full game for the Minicube64 fantasy console.
It is inspired by the early top-down stealth action games especially those such as Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear, and loosely based on events precipitating the Death Stranding.
For Cliff, a retired veteran Special Forces captain, it is only another day visiting his family in the Bridges medical facility, after a tragic accident left his wife in a coma, and their child housed in an experimental stasis pod.
Only another day, until he is made aware of a sinister plan that would make this the worst day of his life.
This game contains spoilers for Death Stranding.
"A gun won't help you here. But it still has a role to play."
Stealth action gameplay that involves avoiding detection from guard patrols.
The game features 64 unique and detailed rooms, with secret areas and items. Story cutscenes, and with animated sprites.
Graphics made in collaboration with Kacper Woźniak.
Original music by Nathan Vallette.
Currently in development.
This project is solely for technical demonstration of MC64. It is not endorsed by Kojima Productions.