Fight for the Soul of the Beast °

Award winning — Brutal side-scrolling action adventure game program inspired by an Amiga classic.

Atari 26OO — NTSC

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Runs on physical Atari 2600 NTSC systems, and Stella, Gopher2600, OpenEMU or other Atari 2600/VCS compatible emulators.

4 massive areas. 14 unique enemy types and variants. Non-linear exploration. Puzzles & secrets. 'Parallax' scrolling. Boss encounters.

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Once a normal infant chıld, you were snatched away from your home of simple town folk and twisted into a powerful demon.

For countless moons, you were ın servitude to the dark lords that rule these lands, doing theır cruel work.

Now you will awaken—battle the vile horde that stands in your path, and face off against the evil High Sorcerer Rynkar.

Fast and brutal side-scrolling actıon adventure desıgned for your ATARI 26OO Video Computer System.

With more than 14 unique enemy types and variants across 4 massive non-linear areas, puzzles, secrets, and boss encounters—your journey will not be easy!


In the Dry Well

Underground Caverns

Gloomy Fortress

Forbidden Cemetery

Developed by Michael Christophersson. MMXXI

Cover art by Helvetica Blanc
Beast logo by Rutherford Craze

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